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Do you love a woman in heels or have a high heel fetish? Want to hookup with sexy locals who share your love of heels? You've come to the right place! Heels Dating is the hottest site for meeting local women who think that a sexy night together is even sexier with heels. Our fetish dating site will satisfy the appetites of heel fetishists as well as anyone who loves nylons, pantyhose, or foot fetish fun. Come on in and see who's looking for a date tonight! Want to know how to write a profile that gets the most attention or craft a message that ensures success?
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Feel free to post your comments or to submit your own photos, but please be constructive and supportive of our contributors, as we want our foot fetish community to remain a friendly place. Click here to our help page for submitting your movies, photos, and stories. Or, tell us how you feel about one of the stories that have been written. While this is an adult site, please be responsible about your content. It shoudn't have to be said, but to be clear, we naturally cannot accept any stories involving sex with children, violence against women, or anything that is illegal. Have fun, but be safe, sane, and consensual.
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Shoe fetishism is the attribution of attractive sexual qualities to shoes or other footwear as a matter of sexual preference, or an alternative or complement to a relationship with a partner. Individuals with shoe fetishism can be erotically interested in women's shoes. In order to determine the relative prevalences of different types of fetishes, scientists obtained a sample of at least individuals worldwide from Internet discussion groups. The relative prevalences were estimated based on a the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, b the number of individuals participating in the groups and c the number of messages exchanged. Using these measures, feet and shoes were found to be the most common target of preferences. This is consistent with an analysis of millions of search queries by users from the United States that were accidentally released during the AOL search data scandal.
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